Client success stories

We’re different from the rest - our clients can vouch for it.


Suzuki have long bought into the benefits of digital learning, but felt their current platform wasn’t quite cutting it. They wanted to enhance the user journey and deliver more engaging content, two things that made our LMS stand out.

Since moving to Taploma, Suzuki have had great success with online training for dealerships and live events organised through the platform. Thanks to video and interactive content produced by our team, they have seen NFDA scores for their digital learning increase from 73% to 84%.
Taploma client Radley


Investing in eLearning for the first time, Radley knew they needed a platform that would engage a millennial workforce. The simplicity of our system, coupled with great training content, was instrumental in their decision to partner with Taploma.

Radley have already seen great results from their ‘Inspire’ campaign, which aimed to align all staff to company values and optimise retail sales techniques.

Manchester Council

In response to a national government agenda to prevent radicalisation of individuals within communities, numerous councils in Greater Manchester adopted Taploma. They wanted a clear, engaging way to teach relevant staff how to tackle this emotive subject.

We partnered with the Recora Group to create and deliver training content. With their expertise and our talented film and animation team, we were able to compile a course that educated and inspired staff within Manchester councils.
Taploma client Manchester
Taploma client Escapology


As a leading US-based franchise in the escape room entertainment sector, Escapology know the importance of education. They wanted a Learning Management System that would enable them to remotely train franchisees on their product and best practice.

Escapology combined our platform with their in-house content, to deliver cost-effective training via a digital camera and screen recording tool-set. They are a great example of how Taploma can deliver results with DIY content.