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We’ve produced digital learning content for some of the biggest brands in the world. Our team are renowned for getting under the skin of a company, to understand its culture and requirements. This results in truly first-class e-learning content, mixing live film, animation and gamified learning. It’s what we do best, and we have a healthy stash of accolades to prove it.

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From Powerpoint to Pixar

It’s as true with e-learning as any other area in life – you get what you pay for. But this doesn’t necessarily mean spending big; we believe in spending smart. At Taploma, we always have your interests at heart, working with your budget to deliver the best possible outcome. Whether you’ve only got the funds for a fuss-free Powerpoint presentation, or you want to reach high into the realm of a Pixar-level blockbuster, Taploma believes in maximising your eLearning ambition. Our talented film and animation team can adapt to your requirements, and will never push the most expensive option.

Saving the world from boring eLearning

At Taploma, we never sleep on the job. Our commitment to delivering engaging courses has led us to partner with Learning Heroes, who create best practices courses for the workplace. From Sales and Marketing to Health & Safety, Management and Personal Growth, your organisation will be faced with a new course each week.

Learn something new every day with fun and varied courses. If you wish to add-on this service, we can pre-load Learning Heroes onto your Taploma platform, ready for you to allocate to your learners.

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