Education is an art,

and we’ve cracked it…

Learners at our heart

Simplicity is key to a great e-learning experience. That’s why our LMS has user-centric design and a lean set of features, making it easy for learners to navigate the platform, find training materials, and complete courses at a pace that suits them.

You don’t have to be an IT whizz to get to grips with Taploma. We focus on the features that matter. After all, why complicate things?
Taploma learners at heart2
Taploma Easily track

Easily track engagement & performance

We know how important e-learning can be to your bottom line. That’s why we provide stats on all aspects of user engagement and team performance, so you can measure the results in real-time.

Much of this is laid out on our impressive admin dashboard. However, we also dive deep into your data, with flexible reporting that you can export to PDF or CSV.

Your learners can track their progress, too. Their personalised dashboard will help them identify allocated courses and opportunities for further learning. So your team can fulfil their potential and, ultimately, yours.

Manage your e-learning network

Our simple suite of tools has everything you need to add users, designate privileges, allocate to teams or locations and assign relevant learning materials. No fuss, no confusion – just a sensible way to manage your learners and content.
Taploma Manage your network
Taploma Create a course

Create a course from scratch!

Got a burning idea on the brain? Taploma lets you create new courses, or enrich your existing ones with fresh, relevant content.

We’re on hand, of course, to train you up on this feature, but rest assured that course generation is a breeze when you grasp the basics…

Blended Learning Bridge

Taploma helps our clients blended learning approach with an Events tool. Invite learners to your live events and even assign eLEarning courses prior to attendance and follow up eLearning material.